Job 10-13

Continuing in Job:


Job: I hate my life, so I’ll speak freely: don’t just condemn me, tell me why! You don’t see things the same as we do, Your standards are different. Why do you seek to destroy something You fashioned? Wouldn’t it have been better to never have made me?

Zophar: This kind of talk must be answered! You are so unwise compared to God. You should humble yourself, and things will turn around. In contrast, the wicked will be destroyed.

Job: (Sarcastically) Wow, you really are wise! (/sarcasm) But I’m wise too. Those who aren’t suffering don’t understand suffering. And the unjust thrive. Nature itself cries out that God did this to me, it is not karma. What God does is ultimate, no-one can resist.

I’ve seen God do great things, I am not less than you. I just want to discuss my circumstances with Him. As for you, it’d be better if you were silent. If you misrepresent God, He will rebuke you. As for me, I hope to come before god, even if it destroys me. The ungodly can’t even hope for that much. I only ask two things: remove Your hand from me, and tell me what I have done to deserve this.

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