18 August 1912

Senators, With the extended war, We found there was a greater need for health care. We determined it would be best to provide basic care for all people within the Empire.

At the beginning of July, Java surrendered to us. Mass recruitment for XI. Legio and XXXXII. Legio began immediately.

The German front continues to move forward. IV. Legio and XXVI. Legio are occupying the north. XII. Legio has moved from the central line to begin occupying central Germany. There has been the occasional attack from Flanders-Wallonia, but they have been easily defeated.

The northern Polish corridor has been expanded, and the southern one secured all the way to the Hungarian border. As in Germany, freshly recruited Polish forces are harassing XXIV. Legio, but they have had little success.

XVII. Legio was sent to Africa instead of Flanders-Wallonia. They should be in position to attack the Russian army early next month.

While mass recruiting begins in Oceania, Australian forces have begun to land in New Guinea.

XXXVII. Legio is holding off a Russian attack, and once they win, II. Legio will take their place to give them a chance to rest and recover.

Finally, an exhibition showing the best Expressionist works of the Empire open on 26 August. As always, you are all invited to the gala opening the exhibition.

Senate Responses

Slowly but surely we are achieving victory. This was never going to be a speedy affair. With each rebel state brought down and returned to the Empire, we move one step closer to ending this conflict. I pray that the aggressive powers rampaging through Anatolia make it no further than that. It is fortunate that Germany seems to be close to defeat, for we can shift focus elsewhere.

- Senator Donatello Favero

Nestorius was very happy to hear about the introduction of trinket health care, but grew even happier when the news of Java’s surrender reached him. His excitement disappeared when he heard the Australians are finally taking action, as well as the news of how far the Russians have pushed in.
“Hopefully, we shall be able to beat back the Australians and the Russians soon enough. At the very least, the Germans seem to be close to surrendering.”

Hearing the news of the exhibition, he spoke; “Once again, I am honored to have been invited to such an exhibition!”

18 November 1912

Senators, After the last address, We sent IX. Legio and XVI. Legio to attack the complacent Russian forces in Anatolia, while the expeditionary army sought to bring a few provinces back under Our control.

Meanwhile, the opening of the Expressionism exhibit was a wonderful time. We are now gathering the best of the modern works for one more gallery.

The battle of Askaleh was a complete success, any Russian survivors surrendering to XXXVII. Legio. The victorious legion moved to Damascus to rest and recover while II. Legio took their place.

During these months, the social sciences department was better able to clarify how people relate to each other on a societal level.

Summarizing the war:

Germany continues to fall to us. XXVI. Legio is sealing the Kiel peninsula, but will not be able to advance to the Baltic islands due to the presence of the German Fleet. IV. Legio and XII. Legio have taken Central Germany, and are working their way west. XXIII. Legio and XXIX. Legio have left the defensive line in central Germany and are occupying the Hesse-Nassau region. X. Legio would join them, but is waiting for new recruits to join up. VII. Legio, XXVII. Legio, XXVIII. Legio, and XXX. Legio are finishing the occupation of southern Germany. Meanwhile, the American army has pacified Rotterdam and is occupying Amsterdam.

The northern Polish corridor has been expanded, and will soon be merged with the southern corridor.

XV. Legio has been fully reinforced and is preparing to land in Middelburg. We expect Flanders-Wallonia to swiftly capitulate.

XVII. Legio completed expelling Russia from central Africa. We plan to send them to fight Adal next.

XXV. Legio and XXXVI. Legio have been completely reinforced with Iberian recruits, but are waiting for new transport ships to join the fleets to bring them to the fight. XXXVIII. Legio is still recruiting Iberian regiments, and should be ready by late March 1913. As the Oceania recruitment is likely to take a few years, We are considering ship them to that front.

South Africa’s occupation is slow thanks to the hills and mountains. But the legions’ work is inexorable.

We can spare legions for Oceania because the Russian advance into Anatolia has been entirely broken. There are hints of new armies marching forth, but for now We can focus on reclaiming these lands.

Senate Responses

26 August 1912
At the opening of the Expressionism exhibit, Nestorius and Hairini were once more in attendance, with lil’ Timon once more being babysitted by the Aeteorean HQ. Unlike last time, where they made an impression with their clothing, here they expressed their newfound joy in parenthood by wearing complementary colors - Nestorius wore a weld yellow attire, while Hairini wore a woad blue attire.


18 November 1912

Nestorius appeared alone at the Senate, something which was becoming a repeating occurrence that no one really questioned. The news of the opening’s reception made him as happy as he heard of the success of Impressionism. He couldn’t wait to see the modern pieces. Commenting on the military news; “It is great to hear that we are successfully pushing back the invaders, especially in Anatolia. Soon enough, Germany and Flanders-Wallonia will have to capitulate. While I would normally be supportive of sending more troops to liberate Oceania, I think it would be safe to only do so after the Russians had been pushed past Armenia. You can never expect what those Russians have up their sleeves.”

18 February 1913


The Philippines, Aoteorea, and Australia tried to negotiate status quo peace treaties with Us after the last address. We rejected all out of hand.

We had been receiving reports of employers working people to the point of collapse. We decided to implement basic protections against this kind of abuse. Only the most extreme of employers should be affected, and the most vulnerable workers are now much better off.

As well, We began hearing of the increasing popularity of Realist music and of Expressionist literature.

Sadly, Persia annexed Baluchistan, achieving the original aim of their war. And yet the war has become a thing so much more than that aim.

On the positive side, on December 21, Germany surrendered, giving up their colony in central Africa.

The military situation has continued to change rapidly, so We will summarize:

Germany has surrendered. Most of the legions have returned to Pannonia to rest, recover, and redeploy elsewhere. IV. Legio marched west to Flanders-Wallonia, and XXIV. Legio marched east to Poland-Lithuania.

Flanders-Wallonia is half occupied, their armies and fleets destroyed. And yet they refuse to give in. We look forward to when they are reincorporated, their spirit channeled towards Roman ends.

Poland-Lithuania is also half occupied, though they also have their overseas colonies. Their fleets have all been sunk, and they have barely any land forces left. They would agree to a basic capitulation, but they must be punished for their attack on the Empire. They will not yet agree to free Cambodia, and so XXVI. Legio and XXIV. Legio will continue to work their way north, occupying them until they surrender.

The inexorable occupation of South Africa crawls forward.

And the occupation of Adal has begun.

Senator Thaddas and his wife will be pleased to hear that XXV. Legio and XXXVI. Legio are sailing for Aoteorea to end the reign of terror there. They expect to be in sight of the coast by mid-April. A division of the Oceania Fleet has gone ahead and begun scouting the nearby waters.

It looks as if India needs assistance, and we should hopefully be able to send some now that Germany is out of the war.

Anatolia has completely returned to Our control, and the legions are pushing north to the Russian border. We hope to form a defensive line and then send forces through Persia to sweep invaders first from the possibility of attacking the Empire, and then from India.

Although if their retaking of Persia from India continues too quickly, we may find ourselves with a wide front yet again.

The capitulation of Germany is a welcome change to this war. That will allow us much greater focus on other theatres of war.

It is also good to hear that Anatolia has been retaken. The idea that those perfidious Russians were so close to Constantinople was intolerable.

- Senator Donatello Favero

Nestorius was glad that the status quo peace treaties were refused, happy that the workers received a max on their workhours, and thrilled to hear more about Realist music and Expressionist literature. Baluchistan losing its independence was offset by Germany surrendering, in his opinion, and Flanders-Wallonia and Poland-Lithuania were getting their just deserts. But before he could comment on the Russians being pushed out of Anatolia, India being crushed, and Adal being invaded, he heard the news of troops being sent to Aeteorea; “The dictatorship ruling those islands will finally fall!” he cheered, obviously very excited over the news. He only wished Kyrene was here to join in his joy.

18 May 1913


This has been a good few months.

On March 27, Poland-Lithuania finally agreed to free Cambodia in order to secure peace. XXIV. Legio and XXVI. Legio began traveling through Ukraine to head for the border with Russia.

The following day, the occupation of Flanders-Wallonia was completed and the nation reintegrated to the Empire.

We have also nearly completed gathering representatives of the best modern works of the Empire. We will hold a grand exhibition on 12 June. We are well pleased by the celebrations of Roman culture these past years.

To summarize the war:

Poland and Flanders-Wallonia have both surrendered. The legions in Flanders-Wallonia are recovering and recruiting new regiments, after which they will likely be sent against Scotland.

The South Africa occupation continues. We hope that when Cape Town is fully pacified that they will surrender.

Adal has fallen swiftly, but refuses to give in.

The occupations near Russia have been pushed back nearly to the border, and there are sufficient legions to hold the border while others push against the forces in Persia.

In fact, the threat of an invasion of the Empire from Persia now seems unlikely, which means We can send forces to relieve India.

Finally, the legions have landed in the two Aoteorean ports.

Nestorius was glad to hear of the capitulation of both Poland-Lithuania and Flanders-Wallonia. Cambodia could serve to be a useful ally if need be, but he wondered how They were going to deal with the fact that Burgundy was now dividing Roman Belgium from the rest of Roman Europe. He noted down the date of the grand exhibition, as he nodded to the successes against South Africa, Adal and Russia. Just as he was about to comment on the situation in Persia, he heard the news of the legionary landing on both Aeteorean islands.

“Hopefully, we will be able to topple the rule of Tane!”


In Aeteorea

The Waata family continued to struggle in their attempts to survive at Tipene’s camp. By August of 1912, Anaru started feeling the effects of sleep deprivation, resulting in his mother Anahera forcing him to sleep, with her taking his watch instead. As they began rotating, soon joined by Hinewai, different rumors began appearing alongside the horrifying ones. Ones that said that the Empire was coming.

Tipene himself was getting nervous. The camps around him were getting more and more increasingly hostile, especially in regards to servitus, stuprum, and more. Some even had gynaeceums, filled with enslaved women, used in incredibly fetishistic ways. In comparison, Tipene had only tortured people in a surprising amount of ways and handed people off to be experimented on. He knew that, if he wanted to establish himself above the rest of the camps in the area, he had to do what the others did - but worse.

As he began considering who he’d wanted to inflict such a fate on, one of his guards rushed in. “Sir! We have news from the north of the island!”

“Spit it out then, I haven’t got all day.”

“The Empire has landed!”

Tipene’s face went blue; “Make sure the area is prepared in case they come south. Hopefully the winter will catch them off guard. But now, I wish for no interruptions. I’ve got to deal with some women.”


Back in Constantinople

Nestorius remembered that Kyrene had given him a note and took it out.

“My wife has sent a message: ‘When the legions arrive in Aeteorea, make sure to liberate all suffering - ghettos, camps, everything;’ Alongside this, while she didn’t ask me to mention this, her family is located in the south, around the Central Otago region. If any camps are found in that area, please check if her family is in any of them.”

It seems that Central Europe has calmed now that both Germany and Poland-Lithuania have signed a peace treaty. Now we can finally push those nefarious Russians from our lands and crush those rebel states that dare defy the Empire. I aspire one day to return to my home outside Venice in a time when the Empire is unified once more.
- Senator Donatello Favero