17 August 1910


The following newspaper was published this last month, and the archivists consider it significant.

As We had hoped, the past month has seen the Jacobin rebels cleared from nearly all of the Empire. A few remain in eastern Central Africa, but elsewhere they do not put recruitment efforts at risk.

Unfortunately, XXVIII. Legio and XXIX. Legio had to retreat from the battle in Klagenfurt, as repeated enemy reinforcements put them at too great a risk. The defense of Pannonia is not compromised, but it may prove difficult to hold the line We had hoped to hold until reinforcements are raised.

In West Africa, We are seizing enemy colonies, while Scottish troops seize our lands. We hope that XV. Legio and XXXVIII. Legio will be able to join back and defeat the Scottish army, after which they can place all of Western Africa under Imperial Control.

If they are not enough, well, XXV. Legio has been successfully evacuated from the Americas, and it plans to join them, at least initially.

In the east, Azerbaijan looks to not be long independent, but Persia, Iraq, Hedjaz, and Isreal have all sent armies over the border. And Russia is slowly but surely occupying the region north of the Caucasus.

Finally, a Scottish fleet has attacked the Gibraltar Fleet, presumably to force their way into the Mediterranean. What they did not know is that the West Mediterranean was waiting to come to the support of the Gibraltar Fleet.

Meanwhile, the Imperial Bank has introduced a policy by which they can either reduce inflation or reduce unemployment by merely control interest rates. During these perilous times, every little bit helps.

Senate Responses

Eventually, Nestorius’ subordinates had arrived from Naples, albeit a day or so late. For him, this would be the first time where he actively interacted with them, rather than just staying in his office, working all day. He brought them to his residence and introduced them to his buddies, before helping them settle in. He described the situation as it was: they would be working on building up a strong provisional governorship for Aoteorea, so that when they retake the islands, things would return to order much quicker. He told everyone to just to what they did in Naples, feeling that to be the best they could do at this time, while his buddies took fitting positions. Everything was coming together as he had planned.

By the 11th of August, Nestorius had been working almost day and night, making sure the papers were all organized. Hairini would often enter his room to make sure he was in good health, considering he was in his early 60s. As a result of pressure from everyone working under him, he was forced to take a period of rest, letting Hairini operate things. He was against resting, but he was reminded that he wasn’t just a Governor. During his rest, he took up various books on the topic of descent, especially on what rules are applied to it in non-European cultures. He began wondering over his own surname - Septiadis. His father had told him that they were descended from a man named Septimus, who lived in southern Illyria/northern Epirus. He recalled looking into this to find no evidence of this fact. As he had nothing better to do, he decided to look into his ancestors. Once he got his hands on his family’s records, he found that the earliest person named was a man named Kyrillos, who lived near Lake Prespa, but the first noteworthy person was a man named Thaddaios. Feeling that perhaps a surname based in legend is a tad bit silly, he decided to declare himself Nestorius Thaddas!


Nestorius and Hairini couldn’t comment much on the news at the Senate. They merely nodded to it, knowing the seriousness of the ordeal.

At least we are holding the line. Have we integrated the new armor units into our legions yet?
- Senator Doukas

** Secret Missive to all Workers Republics from the Commisar of War, Britannia ****

Succeeding in driving back Imperial Troops…Stop

Have received reports that Imperial Fascist Party has united in Spain ….. Stop

All forces must be prepared for this battle, we can not allow this disgusting system to be allowed to gain any traction….Stop

Requesting that the United Council make preparations for war… Stop

Commisar Komnenos

Nestorius looked over at Hairini when news of plans of having the Imperial Fleet circle Aeteorea, Australia, the Philippines and Java emerged. She looked nervous, but happy.


In Aeteorea

Anaru heard a knock on the door. Worryingly, he looked through the window next to the door to see who it was. He sighed when he saw it was just a buddy of his. He opened the door. “Tipene, what are you doing here?” he asked him.

“I just wanted to see how my buddy was doing,” he replied. “How’s the family?”

“Mother is doing fine, but Hinewai is unsure of the future.”

“Yes, the dictatorship is worrying. But I’ve come with news!”

“What kind of news?” Anaru asked suspiciously.

“They are rumors that Imperial fleets will be passing by soon. I’ve been organizing a little group, and we plan on escaping the island and reaching those ships!” Tipene revealed.

“Wait, you’re against Tane?!” Anaru asked in a subdued, but shocked tone, to avoid anyone hearing.

“Yes, I’m part of the counter-rebellion and I plan on using my position to at least help some of us escape.” Tipene told him. Anaru attempted to say something, but paused. The prospect of escape was tempting.

“Where will you all be meeting up?” he asked.

“By the coast. If we’re lucky, a ship will pass by and, well, you know what we’ll do from there.” Tipene said to him. The two shook hands, as Anaru thanked him for the information. They said goodbye to one another, as Tipene had a sly grin on his face.

Those legions that already had armored units still retain them, but for now We are focused on recruiting the more standard units into the legions: infantry, cavalry, artillery, and engineers.

As always, thank you for your time, senators. We will hold another briefing in a month, or sooner if there is pressing news.
- The Emperor

17 September 1910


These newspapers were publihed in the last month and are considered significant by the archivists.

Italy has continued to incorporate territory in the Alps, and begun to incorporate territory to the south of the border. XXXXIV. Legio nearly defeated one of their smaller armies, but reinforcements turned the battle against them and they needed to retreat to Rome.

And while Azerbaijan’s capital has been taken, they have yet to surrender. II. Legio and IX. Legio are focused on pushing back Persian armies from the Armenian region in order to protect new recruits, while Russian forces occupy more and more of the trans-Caucasus region.

XIX. Legio, having returned to Egypt, marched through Israel to attack the Israeli and Hedjazi armies in Syria. I. Legio did the same to Iraqi forces after returned to Antioch. In that region, Iraq capitulated to China after complete occupation by Persia. An Indian army is replicating the feat, but is isolated from most of the rest of their forces by fighting in eastern Persia.

Most of Ukraine has been occupied, and both Polish and German forces are pouring into the greater Bulgarian area.

In Western Africa, both sets of forces are seizing land from the other, though Ours are working faster. And XXV. Legio has arrived from Guyana, expecting to start reclaiming Imperial lands by next week.

The navies won the battle of Gibraltar, ensuring We remain control of the Mediterranean.

Worryingly, in northern Pannonia, German forces have attacked XXIX. Legio, one of the two Legions with the strength to defend the region. They need to hold for two weeks at least, when new recruits will be fully equipped and trained.

Senate Responses

The rebel scum reveal their true intentions by declaring “good relations” with Germany. And why are our Indian “allies” on good terms with the Huns? I sure hope that Ukraine can hold on until we can get our rebel situation under control.
- Senator Doukas

Raphael Favero receives word that the Italian rebels have plundered his family estate and used the wealth to hire mercenaries.

My vineyards! Anything but the precious vineyards!

Raphael breaks down sobbing in the middle of the Senate over the loss of his family’s estate.

“You are welcome to stay at my estate in Thessaloniki at any time, Raphael. We’ll drive back those bastards and give them their due.”
- Senator Angelos

Yes, though sometimes we might disagree, we are loyal Romans and will help each other. Raphael, feel free to come to my dukedom at Nicaea, I will give you a very pleasant experience (me not personally, I am too busy warding off the enemy hordes.) The Nicaean Guardsman are well trained and armed, the dukedom is safe. My Emperor, feel free to take my Guardsmen to defend this Empire!

- Talbot Palaiologos

Raphael, feel free to stay at one of my estates in Athens or Constantinople. We are all Romans and according to the ancient Hellenic principle of Xenia we must help one another. Do not forget how my great-grandfather aided your family during the Cult attack in 1854. My bodyguards, being trained by the Ministry of Security, are among the best in the Empire. I will also help compensate for any damages those rebel scum caused to your vineyards and estates when we recover them. Those traitorous non-Romans shall pay in blood for what they have done to the Empire!
- Senator Doukas

In Aeteorea, sometime mid-August

Anaru had followed the directions given to him by Tipene. It was quite late, barely anything could be seen. As he approached the coastline, he could see it; a group of people standing near the coast. In the distance, there was a Imperial fleet. Anaru rushed to the group, as someone noticed him and waved towards him. All of a sudden, he heard russling from near by. Armed men jumped from the shadows! He was surrounded, guns aimed for his head. The group near the coast approached him, to reveal more of the same men, holding unarmed men whose hands were tied. One of the armed men was Tipene himself.

“Tipene, do not tell me this is true!” Anaru yelled at him.

“But it is,” Tipene replied, “and you thought it would be that easy.”

“Why would you side with Tane?! He will bring nothing but sorrow to our islands-“

“And what if he does?! At least we can choose to be ourselves. To be Maori. Not be forced to follow the ideals of a people an ocean away,” Tipene barked back. “The Greeks are mad men, believing themselves to be the ancestors of people long dead. And they think they can just push us around as though we are nothing to them. Insects meant to be crushed, purged from this world. THEY BELIEVE WE ARE NOT HUMAN!”

“And you think this will change anything?! How are we so sure Tane will not implement the same tactics the Greeks used on us, under the guise of Maori superiority rather than Greek? He is treating the non-Greeks worse than how they treated us! Is it not possible to just find a way for them to accept us-“ Anaru attempted to say before being hit in the face with the butt of Anaru’s rifle.

“Do you really think they will accept us?! ARE YOU THAT DELUDED?!” Tipene spat at him.

“H-Hairini has proven to me that not all Greeks are like the settlers. If we can get our message to the mainland, perhaps they would listen!” Anaru said, as he wiped the blood of his face.

“And what if she’s being forced to say these things by her slaver?! You cannot trust those of Europe and the other Meditteranian territories! They are the enemy! And you side with them!” Tipene yelled, “For this, you will be sent, along with these other men who decided to follow my directions, to the nearest camp…. which Tane has allowed me to run, for my services in discovering would be escapees of his rule.”

Anaru just spat in Tipene’s left eye, causing the latter to whack him with his rifle’s butt once more, giving him a black eye. “You, you and you are to come with me. The rest of you are to bring these men to the camp,” Tipene said, referring to his men, “We shall rest for the morning. We have some families to arrest.”

Tipene and his men left, as the other armed men dragged the captives to the camp, with Anaru yelling that he’ll kill Tipene if he puts one hair on his younger sister.


The morning after

Hinewai has been worried sick since waking up. Anaru hasn’t returned since last night. She hoped nothing had happened to him. Suddenly, she heard a knock on the door. She rushed over to see if it was him and opened the door wide open. Just as she was about to scream his name and hug him, she realized who it was: the dictatorship’s militia. They pointed their guns at Hinewai, causing her to slip as she walked away from the door backwards. Tipene entered the house.

“Long time no see, Hinewai. How’s Anahera?” Tipene asked, referring to her elderly mother.

“Where’s Anaru!?” Hinewai asked in a mix of anger and fright.

Tipene laughed. “Oh, don’t worry. You’re going to join him soon,” he said, as he grabbed her by the wrist. He pulled her up and began tying her hands, before pushing her to the wall. “Check the entire place for any suspicious items and arrest anyone else here!” he demanded, as Anahera left her room to see what the commotion was. She is promptly arrested.

The men check the entire building. Nothing out of the ordinary except for one thing; the telephone. It was of a Greek design. “Tell me, you two; was it Hairini who got you this phone?” Tipene asked the women politely.

“Don’t you dare touch that phone! Hairini paid much for us to be able to hear her!” the elderly woman said.

“Oh, is that so?” Tipene said sarcastically. “You, stay here and watch the phone. Threaten anyone who calls. You two, take these women and let us move to the next house,” he said to his men. As he commanded, one stayed at the home, while the other two took the women and moved on to the next building, arresting the family there, before filling up their mode of transportation. They take the families to the camp, where they reunite with whoever attempted to escape the night before.


In Constantinople, sometime near the end of August

At the makeshift HQ of the Aeteorean provisional governorship, Nestorius was working hard, as he worked with Antiochos to file down all the cities, towns and villages, native and non-native, in Aeteorea. As they worked, Hairini sneaked to the phone to call her family. She wanted to know if they knew of the Imperial fleet circling the area. She dialed the number and nervously clutched the handset. From the other room, one could suddenly hear screaming. Nestorius told everyone to stay put, as he rushed in to see what had happened. It was Hairini, clutching her head, screaming from the top of her lungs. Nestorius grabbed the handset and heard a man mumble things in a language he didn’t recognize. He put it next to the phone as he asked her what had happened.

“THEY HAVE THEM, NESTOR! THEY HAVE MY FAMILY!” Hairini cried out, as she began clutching Nestorius’ chest. Before he could say anything, she spoke once more. “THE MAN ON THE OTHER LINE JUST THREATEN TO KILL THEM IF I DIDN’T COMPLY TO HIS DEMANDS!” she yelled out, crying. Nestorius grabbed her tightly, putting his hand on her head, rubbing it.

“Don’t worry, it is going to be OK. It will be just fine. Please…” he whispered in her ear in an attempt to calm her down. The others looked into the room to see what was going on and promptly stopped, realizing they’ll find out what is going on later.


September 17, 1910

Nestorius had managed to calm Hairini down, but she looked visibly distressed and disheveled. Knowing her family was being held by the dictatorship was having its effects on her. They hoped for some good news, but things were looking quite down. Senator Favero’s sobbing almost brings Hairini to sob with him, but Nestorius grabbed onto her and calmed her down before she could. Seeing as this was the most fitting opportunity, he decided to use it. He stood up and coughed a fake one.

“I apologize for being the bearer of bad news once more in regards to Aeteorea, but I feel as though this is the only chance I will get to tell you all. As you all know, the militia of the Aeteorean dictatorship routinely check those who have some connection to the Empire. Hairini’s family falls in this groups and……” he paused for a moment, trying to prepare himself for what was about to happen. “……unfortunately, near the end of August, it happened. Her family was captured and presumably taken someplace else, perhaps a camp,” he said. As he expected, Hairini began sobbing as well. He quickly grabbed her once more and began calming her down.

Upon hearing of the news in Aeteorea, Theodora speaks up.

“Your Imperial Majesty, I suggest that we send a small team of our best spies and infiltrators to get into the dictatorship in Aeteorea and free high-risk prisoners and, if possible, assassinate Tane. As an outright invasion is out of the picture, we must bring him down from the inside instead. It is the only way we can retake the colony without wasting too many resources.”

((France, near Paris))

John-Loukas and his men trudged through the countryside of France. Once, the land they walked on was lush farmland. Now it was a smoldering ruin, blasted to pieces after months of relentless bombardment by rebel, Imperial, and other rebel artillery. Dead grass and ashes crunched under the captain’s feet.

For weeks, they had eluded the communist patrols roaming the countryside, making their way away from the crash site of the Empress Veronica to the Swiss border, where Imperial control was firmly asserted. As the ship had crashed somewhere in western Normandy, that meant that they had to journey dangerously near Paris.

Leonard and Jonathan walked in the front, while Laskaris and Brent walked in the back. John-Loukas walked in the center. All of them were armed with small standard-issued pistols and had exchanged their tattered Imperial uniforms with rebel uniforms taken from dead bodies.

“Halt,” said John-Loukas suddenly, raising his hand as he heard a noise in the distance, over a nearby hill.

“What is it?” said Laskaris.

“Let’s find out,” said John-Loukas, walking up to the top of the hill.

The other men followed him. When they arrived…

“Oh no,” said Brent.

“This is not good,” added Jonathan.

Below them lay a large hanger, with three complete airships, all loaded with weapons and fuel, on the tarmac outside.

“If they get them in the air, who’s stopping them from reaching Constantinople?” said Leonard.

“We are,” said John-Loukas.

“What do you mean?” hissed Laskaris. “We are but five men, and there are perhaps dozens of them down there! We can’t fight them all!”

“If we succeed in destroying two of the ships and stealing the third, we could stop this threat and get out of rebel territory,” explained John-Loukas, “Now, we will sneak into the compound and infiltrate one of the ships. That’s an order. Any questions?”

Nobody said anything.

“Then let’s get started.”

Harini, maybe I can call up some men in Anatolia to lead an expedition to free your family in Aeteorea. I was born with the gift of the gab you know, I might get 20-10,000 men?

My house in Constantinople is nice and comfortable if you want to stay.
Mind you, Gabriel may or may not ask you what ‘it’ means.
- Senator Marco

Nestorius had managed to calm Hairini down before anyone could speak their mind on the situation. He let her go, because he didn’t want to hold her for too long. Don’t want things to get awkward.

Nestorius retorted. “I’d assume our best spies and infiltrators are currently busy fighting against the Northern Alliance and the rebel states directly on our borders, no?”

Hairini wiped the tears off her face. She shook her head to Senator Marco’s Xenian offer. “I already have a comfortable home with Senator Thaddas here,” she said, as Nestorius had a half-grin on his face.

“And shouldn’t we concentrate our men towards the enemy on our borders?” Nestorius asked, with Hairini reluctantly agreeing with a few halfhearted nods.

fair enough.
- Senator Marco

Senator Thaddas, and Hairini. We are greatly saddened to hear this news. As you surmise, the Empire’s resources are focused at the borders right now. But if there is anything that We can do to help until such time as the legions can return to Oceania, please let Us know. We will have Senator Doukas share any information from intelligence assets still in Aeteorea, though We suspect they are compromised or turned, given your news.

Senator Favero, We will reclaim your family estates, and We have no doubt they will be made even more wonderful than they had been before this rebellion.

Senators, as always, thank you for your time. We will brief you again in a month, or sooner if there is immediate news.
- The Emperor

17 October 1910


This newspaper was released in the last month and considered significant by the archivists.

In this last month, II. Legio and IX. Legio repelled the Persian army from Armenia. They are currently besieging Azerbaijan territory and expect to force their surrender quite soon.

Reinforcements are pouring in for the legions. A first round of infantry have joined up, with cavalry, engineers, and artillery expected in the next month. XIX. Legio became impatient for its reinforcements and has marched on Jerusalem, even now beginning the occupation.

The defensive line in Pannonia continues to hold, and a secondary defensive line is being prepared even now. But the line in greater Bulgaria is being pushed further south, as XXIV. Legio waits for the reinforcements that could allow it to strike back.

In Armenia, both Russia and Persia are pushing into Our territory, even as the legions hope to defeat Azerbaijan.

Though Persia may fall to an Indian onslaught before long.

Meanwhile in western Africa, the legions are rapidly seizing the enemy colonies, and soon may confront the Scottish army in the area.

Finally, after England’s annexation of Wales, both England and Brittany have pledged their support for France in its wars against Burgundy and Flanders-Wallonia.

Senate Responses

Senator Nestorius Thaddas and Hairini Waata thanked the Emperor for his kind words. If Hairini needed anything, she would let them know.


For the rest of September, things were calm at the provisional governorship of Aeteorea, except for Hairini. She had managed to calm herself down significantly, but she had started getting intense nightmares about her family…… and what kind of fate they could receive. They managed to get so bad that Nestorius had to stay in her room to make sure she had a good night’s sleep. As this resulted in him not getting any decent sleep, he was forced to relegate most of his more intense tasks to Michail Lykidis and Kojo Onobanjo, one of his formerly Neapolitan subordinates from Africa.


In Constantinople, end of September

Hairini was on the roof of Nestorius’ residence and makeshift HQ of the Aeteorean provisional governorship, looking out at the city. She tried to fill herself with glee of being in the city, especially as she hadn’t done any sightseeing yet, but she couldn’t. She couldn’t get her family off her mind. Suddenly, she heard the door to the roof open. She turned around to see it was Nestorius.

“Hey. Guessed you were up here, felt like joining you,” he said with a smile. Hairini smiled back weakly, as he joined her in her looking out. As the two watched the city bustling, he spoke once more.

“Remember back in early June when, during a session, I mentioned the dear ones I had lost?” he asked. Hairini nodded.

“You spoke of your father and your lover.”

“Yes, and I stopped before I could speak about her… I feel as though some things could be explained to you if I told you about her,” he said. She looked at him, ready to hear what he had to say. He sighed before speaking once more.

“Before I was a senator, I lived in my hometown of Hadrianopolis. As mother died during my birth, and father was too busy at the Senate, I lived primarily with another family until I was old enough to live on my own. Apparently, that was when I was 15,” he laughed. “Father would always visit on his off days and, as I got older, I would visit him too. My visits intensified after the events surrounding the Cult which happened prior to me becoming a senator,” he revealed. “Now, I never stopped communicating with the family I lived with, if only for one reason…. it was within it that I met the girl of my dreams. We would hangout all the time in the outskirts of town, running across the fields, or the roof tops of the city, watching the hustle and bustle. We cared for one another. We’d keep each other fit and active! We’d race one another all the time, and we’d have climbing contests too. Life was swell,” he told her.

“Then, my father called me to Constantinople. I had no idea what the reason was, but he told me it was urgent. When I arrived, he revealed he was going to retire. While I had always wanted to be a senator, it was still very sudden for me. Following his departure back to Epirus, I moved into his residence, joined by my lover. I initially refused her request to join me, as I didn’t want to drag her into politics, but she never was the kind to quit,” he explained. “It was the life. I lived in the capital, worked as a senator and had the love of my life.”

“What happened then?” she asked. Nestorius’ expression became weak.

“It was just an ordinary off day for me. Nothing important was headed my way, meaning she and I could head to the outskirts and do what we usually do. We raced up a decently sized hill, before collapsing on its top, laughing at each other’s expense, enjoying one another’s presence. After a bit of rest, we got up and danced. We danced like no one had danced before. She took one wrong step and the stone at her feet collapsed. I rushed in to grab her hand, but my fingers only grazed hers…. she fell,” he said with a regretful tone, eyelids shaking along with the fingers on his right hand. “…..I carried her body back to town, where she was declared dead. She had died in my hands, as I had carried her back to town…..” he said, as he put his right hand on his face.

“….her funeral in Hadrianopolis and the day after when I visited her were the hardest days of my life. Everything reminded me of her - Hadrianopolis, Constantinopolis, all of Hellas….. my motherland made me just think of her,” he said, as he turned his head and looked her straight in the eyes. “That feeling was eating me inside out. I had to find a way to get rid of it, but I didn’t even need to,” he told her. “The next session, I was declared Governor of Naples. The day after, I left. Surely Naples was different enough to get rid of this weight on my back…. and it was.”

“The atmosphere of the area was similar, but different. It threw me and the feeling off, which I had hoped. As the Parthenopean governor, as some called me, I closed myself off from society, only interacting with the populace some token times when necessary…. which you already know. My father, the family I had stayed with, as well as the limited time I had been at the senate, shaped my views on Romanity. Full citizenship made the most sense. I believe that was why all non-Neapolitans working under me were minorities that were looking for work, like you,” he laughed, before returning to a saddened expression.

“Over time, I forgot everything. I stopped reading the letters from the Senate from Veronica’s death onwards and I never made a peep about my past. I was just working in my office with no sense of time, seemingly forever. Then, you chose to inform me about the civil war. I knew I had to return. The feelings I had forgotten, the ones that would stop me at the thought of such an idea, couldn’t stop me now. But, as the news poured into the Senate with every session, the feelings returned. I even mention her for the first time in 30+ years….” he said the last sentence choking.

“….she was part of the reason why I asked for the governorship of Aeteorea. She would’ve loved to see the beauty of your islands, and she would’ve wanted me to protect the natives…. That’s why I promise you, Cyrene…. I will make sure to protect your homeland, your family….. If I couldn’t save her, I could at least save them,” he said, as he was on the verge of crying. Hairini couldn’t believe what she had heard. She hugged Nestorius intensely, whispering a thanks into his ear. He returned the hug.


17 October 1910

The two were glad to hear about the Indians rushing into Persia, but the news of Australian insults infuriated Nestorius. “The Australian foreign minister has the gall to do something like this, while the rebellion he is apart of continues its segregation of non-natives!” he barked out.

** Senate - Constantinople at 4AM **

Nothing stirs in the blackness as 3 shadows creep through the offices and plazas surrounding the Senate chamber deftly dodging the patrols and odd cleaner as they make their way into the heart of the Senate.

Silently they enter the chamber and make thier way to various areas of the senate chamber and then behind the Emperor’s seat.

Then as quickly as they can they depart.

**** Rennes, Death to the Fascist HQ ****

Madame Chairperson a message from our operative at the heart of evil.

Thank you, please feel free to leave.

Packages planted in senate -– stop

Cleaners found itching powder - stop

Also banner reading “Itch like the capitalist pig dogs you are!” -– stop

Mission aborted -— stop


Curse those cunning devils, but we will get them yet!


As always, thank you for your time.

17 November 1910


Many reinforcements have joined the legions, and the defensive situation has solidified well. For instance, in greater Bulgaria, IV. Legio and XXIV. Legio have formed a defensive line and expect they can hold it indefinitely.

The battle of Maribor continues to rage in Pannonia, and We have sent VII. Legio and XXVIII. Legio to assist. This leaves the secondary defensive line weak, but better to hold the first. And the first does continue to hold. In fact, in Ljubljana, XXVIIIa. Legio threw back an Italian army.

However, in Naples XXXXIV. Legio fought off an Italian army, but everything to their north is being occupied, and the situation looks untenable.

XIX. Legio won the occupation of Jerusalem, and has moved on to Gaza in the hopes of convincing Israel to concede defeat. XXXVII. Legio, freshly reinforced, is moving up to assist them.

XXXVI. Legio, also recently reinforced, has taken the fight to Spain, besieging them from the south as they are distracted by their war with Catalonia.

XXV. Legio and XXXIII. Legio, having reclaimed all Imperial lands in western Africa, have attacked the Scottish army in the region, as XV. Legio continues to seize enemy colonies.

Finally, this newspaper was published in the last month, and the archivist consider it significant.

Senate Responses

Kids these days and their radios. Back in my day you had to actually socialize with your friends instead of sitting around some talking box listening to someone half the empire away.

A popping sound comes from the side of the room and several nearby senators jump. Raphael scurries over to where a toaster sits and take a bite of some freshly toasted bread.

Sorry about that. It’s just my breakfast. These new-fangled toasters are quite a wonder.

- Senator Raphael Favero

Just as Nestorius was about to reply to Favero’s comment on the radio, he was interrupted by the toaster. He asks: “Why is there a toaster in the room?”

The better question is why not. Have you ever struggled with toasting bread in a frying pan? Always burning the bread after what seems like hours of cooking? Well not any longer. Thanks to innovations in technology, we can now enjoy toasted breaded within mere minutes. Endorsed by the Favero family, the Strite toaster can be found in stores all across the empire. Buy one now and a portion of the proceeds will go towards the restoration of destroyed houses and estates ruined by rebel scum, a most worthy cause. Restore the empire to its former glory one piece of toasted bread at a time.

- Senator Raphael Favero

Nestorius just looked at Favero. Apparently, he hasn’t realized that toasters are for kitchens, not for senates. He just shook his head, as he mumbled something about being too old for this. He decides to bring the conversation back to the radio.

“Anyway, I disagree with the notion that the radio will kill society and socialization. In fact, I believe that it can be a tool to further culture! I mean, one could use it to listen to classical music all day, as well as listen to the views of the people,” he commented.

Why shouldn’t the Senate have its own toaster? Should we just starve here while discussing politics? And did I show you the film projector yet? It’s amazing! Combine that with our radios and we could broadcast the Emperor’s image and voice all across the Empire!

((Outside Jerusalem))

(Over the phone)
“Sir, the legion has arrived in position. Intel has detected large fortifications protecting much of the city. The wall is strong enough to deflect any conventional bombardment, but we have found a weak portion of the wall that we can break through.”
“The Rebels are alerted to our presence. General Melissenos was hasty in rushing towards Jerusalem.”
“He…He felt surprise was wiser—”
“He is as clumsy as he is stupid. General Dalassenos, prepare your troops for a surface attack. Let’s put these new tanks to good use.”
“Yes, sir.”
(line cuts off)

The rebels crouched in their trenches, breathing in the dry desert air. Their rifles and gyro-guns ((Gatling guns)) were ready, pointed at the thick dust cloud gathering in the mountain pass that Rebel Base Masada guarded. For several minutes, there was only silence. Just when some rebels began to doubt the claims of the message sent that morning saying that an imperial legion was on the way, there was a loud WHUMP. And another one. And another.

There was a screech as several shells shot over their heads, slamming into the thick walls making up the base’s fortifications. Rebels scrambled to man their anti-artillery defenses, but with the dust cloud still there they could hardly aim. The artillery bombardment continued for a whole five minutes, with shells landing at random all across the base. Men screamed as they were blasted to pieces or slashed by shrapnel. Whole sections of the wall simply crumbled under the assault.

And then it was over. The rebels got up from where they had been hiding, confused. Why did the Empire stop shooting at them? They warily manned their positions again, and some peered into binoculars, hoping to see through the dust cloud.

There was a shout from one rebel division when they spotted something move. A shadow appeared in the billowing dust, large and menacing. It slowly advanced through the dust, accompanied by the sound of a large whirring engine. More shadows appeared behind it, similarly shaped and similarly moving. They emerged from the dust cloud simultaneously, revealing their dark metallic bodies and heavy treads. It was a large metal beast, with guns sticking out of the side and the top.

“Fire!” shouted a rebel.

The rebels opened fire, unleashing a deadly hailstorm of bullets and mortar shells. Plumes of dirt erupted at the feet of the tanks, and rocks and soil exploded where mortars impacted the ground. But those bullets and shells that did hit the tanks simply bounced off with a solid THUD.

The tanks returned fire with their cannons and gyro-guns. BLAM-BLAM-BLAM-BLAM. The gunfire repeated itself methodically and constantly, decimating the rebel ranks. Men screamed as rounds slashed through their limbs and chests. The tanks fired their cannons, and the trenches exploded. Men went flying, while others toppled to their deaths when the walls supporting their platforms exploded and fell away beneath them. It was an utter massacre.

After one minute, the tanks’ guns fell silent. Nobody in Masada returned fire. There was nobody left alive outside to shoot the Empire’s troops. Imperial infantry marched up from behind the tanks, ready to storm what remained of the fortress.

Some rebels desperately rushed to the communications room, trying to alert Jerusalem to the attack. “Masada is under attack, repeat, Masada is under attack!” shouted one before he was shot in the back by the first Imperial trooper to enter the room.

General Ioannes Dalassenos, flanked by ten Imperial troopers, stormed into the room, ruthlessly gunning down any resistance with his pistol. “Secure the compound,” he ordered, “Find the hostages before they move them to Jerusalem proper. Minister Doukas will have your heads if we fail to find her brother.”

Alexios seems intrigued by the bizarre smell of toast in the senate chambers.

“I must say,” he mutters to no one in particular, “the Boule is moving up in the world if even the refreshments are well-bred.”

Theodora sips from some high quality Chinese tea. “You don’t say…”

We must agree that the bread toaster is an amazing invention. It’s one of so many conveniences being invented by and for the peoples of the Empire. We are not too worried about the danger of radio, as it requires a specified frequency to operate a radio network. Any truly damaging networks could easily be shut down. But better yet, these radio networks make it far easier to monitor opinion throughout the Empire. No doubt the minister of intelligence finds them the greatest of boons.

In any case, Senators, thank you for your time. We will reconvene the Senate in another month or when there is pressing news.

- The Emperor

17 December 1910


The modern framework of social science was established this month, and We asked the humanities department to research just what makes groups of people feel alienated. We hope that this will help reintegrate the Empire once the fighting is complete.

The need for safety regulations in the Empire’s factories was an obvious reform, and We passed it.

The Battle of Maribor was finally won, ensuring the safety of Pannonia for the foreseeable future.

Unfortunately, the Italian push towards Naples is continuing to be successful, completely crushing XXXXIV. Legio and forcing them to retreat to the bottom of the peninsula. Reports suggest that they have means of defending against gas attacks, and are able to use those attacks against the legions with impunity.

In other bad news, on 8 December 1910, Ukraine capitulated to Russia in the Great War. We do not blame them, as they were completely occupied, but this means that Russian forces will be able to focus on attacking the Empire instead.

In the east, both Azerbaijan and Israel are ready to fall, but Russia and Persia have been pushing into Our territory, and the legions will be hard pressed to find a good line to hold.

West Africa is nearly under Our complete control, which should free up some legions for other tasks.

The occupation of Spain has begun, but will take some time to give results.

In a different front, the UTA have occupied nearly all of Kanata, and are making exorbitant demands on them as well. We suspect that We will soon be able to broker a peace.

Finally, these two newspapers have been published this last month and are considered significant by the archivists.

Senate Responses

Bah, these “newspapers” keep getting the facts wrong! What is “Brazil”?
- Senator Tolbert Palaiologos

Alexios looks perplexed on hearing about the Battle of Maribor. “The forces under Strategos Trikoupis engaged an army twice their size and not only defeated them, but utterly annihilated them? I am not sure whether to be impressed or alarmed!”

He looks over the reports from Italy. “Damn Lombardi for a traitorous fool, but he and his ill-gotten forces are proving far more formidable than I thought they would. Is there a recent update on the Italian borders?”

Nestorius pitches in. “I think that is an alternate name for the area which the English control. If that’s the case, then the English will have to worry over their racial issues a bit more,” he comments. “It is good to hear that West Africa, Kanata, Israel and Azerbaijan are going to fall, but the news of Ukrainian capitulation is worrying. Hopefully we can handle it.”

Hairini, having calmed down significantly, reads the editorial about feminism. She disapproves of it, but isn’t sure whether she should comment. Perhaps Teodora’s opinion might change her mind.

“I hear Trikoupis is already being hailed as the ‘Hero of Maribor’ for destroying such a large German army,” said Theodora, “It’s like the shame and disgrace of the First Empire at Teutoberg Forest has been reversed and avenged! It is highly likely that we’ll see more of this brilliant man. Perhaps Dalassenos will promote him to the General Staff. On the Italian situation, it appears that Lombardi’s men aren’t as incompetent at warfare as our cartoons and stereotypes suggest. Although several hundred have already defected to our side, most of the rebel scum are loyal to Lombardi and fight like devils. I would prefer if they go back to whatever rebel scum do, like dying.”

“I believe that yes, “Brazil” is a name used to refer to the region that the English currently inhabit. Though why they would refer to the English Navy as “Brazilian” is beyond me,” Theodora said, “And the more rebel scum surrender to the might of the Empire, the better. We need more soldiers and resources to push back the Russian menace. Ukraine’s losses shall be avenged by the blood of the Slavs!”

Theodora quickly scanned the newspaper again when Hairini kept looking her way. She soon found the article in question, a scathing critique of this new idea of “feminism.” It appeared to be quite one-sided and obviously biased against it. Of course, it was written by a man.

“First off, I don’t like this editorial,” she said, “It’s biased and unfair. It presents only one side of the argument, and the author, who has a male name, does a really bad job at trying to support his argument. In some places the evidence of so-called ‘depravity’ seems forced and twisted out of context. In other places he actually ends up arguing the opposite that feminism is not that bad. Is this man even a trained social scientist? I want to see his credentials! And what is wrong about feminism anyways? Why, some actually trained social scientists have conducted an experiment which, while not conclusive yet, seems to imply that women are better drivers than men (though that may be the result of statistical errors or limitations). Am I doing a horrible job as Minister of Security and Imperial Senator? The Ministry hasn’t burned down yet and the Secret Police isn’t running out of control. We are discussing political matters here in a civil manner, far from the ‘depravity’ the author claims that I would bring. And if ‘feminism’ was bad, then why did the Emperor appoint me as both Senator and Minister in the first place? And take a look at the Chinese and Indians and Japanese and Persians! They’ve granted more rights to their women, much like we allowed our women to work in factories ((assuming we’re going with Victorian-era socio-industrial trends)), and look at their industrial strength! They’re rapidly catching up to us! We must treat all Romans with the respect they deserve according to the values of Romanitas and the legal codes of great emperors such as Iustinianos I, where all citizens are equal under the law regardless of cultural, religious, or social identity. I would really like to go on and on about this, but I’m just so interested in this crossword puzzle that the newspaper has provided right next to the editorial! Let me see…R-E-B-E-L-S-C-U-M…yeah that works…and done!”

Theodora looked up. “Anybody else want to try? We’ve got enough copies of the paper to go around!”

Hairini was mesmerized; Theodora had said everything that needed to be said on the topic. She was close to cheering her on, but she realized that doing so would be uncultured. She turned to Nestorius, asking what party she’s in, but she gets disappointed by the fact that the Foiderátoi doesn’t support full citizenship. Upon the mention of the crossword puzzle, Nestorius chimed in.

“I believe the row here,” Nestorius pointed to it on the paper, “says R-E-V-O-L-T. Whoever put in ‘Has Been Happening For The Last Few Years’ as the hint is really cheeky, I tell you what!” he commented.

Here’s a good one. “Traitors to the empire and manipulators of the working class.” Let’s see if this fits. C-O-M-M-U-N-I-S-T… yes, it does indeed. These crosswords are so simple these days.

- Senator Raphael Favero

Alexios looks over at his fellow Patrician. “I’m sure that if the editor of Greece Today had his way, Raphael, the answer to your clue would have been F-E-M-I-N-I-S-T-S.”

“We should really vet who we allow to be editors,” said Theodora, “Just so we make sure they’re not rebel scum and/or communists.”

Alexios wags his finger playfully. “As Minister for Education, I cannot in good conscience sanction the censorship of the printed word.”

“I did not suggest censorship, I just recommended that we make sure we know who is publishing in our papers,” responded Theodora.

“Well, given that the editor of a paper is generally appointed by the owner or the paper’s board of directors, I am sure that the Crown will be able to put in a word or two if an editor really steps out of line,”
finished Alexios

Senator Angelos, Italy has seized a few alpine provinces and is pushing south towards Naples. Their forces are already past Rome, though they have not seized the city yet, and are not far from Napoli. However, they have stopped immediately incorporating captured provinces into their civil administration, instead leaving them under military governance.

And as for the newspaper, We have no desire to remove but the most seditious of editors. We doubt that those suffering under the effects of the rebellions and wars, who have lost sons, husbands, or fathers, will think much of these men’s sarcastic tones. They just give more credence to official communications when they show such disregard for the common people.

Senators, We will see you again in a month. Thank you for your time.

- The Emperor

17 January 1911


This last December, Italy stuck at the defensive lines in Pannonia. Given the disaster in Naples previously, We decided to make a peace with them, so that We could prosecute the other wars. With some minor border adjustments, Italy received the territory they had seized from Us. The patriarch of Rome has been forced to leave the eternal city, to be replaced with the self-styled Pope from Burgundy. Worry not though, the truce ends at the end of 1915.

Likewise, Java united their island under a Greek and Sulawesi government, as opposed to the Sulawesi-only government that Mataram had formed.

In better news, the new year brought Azerbaijan’s complete capitulation. Any plans for the post war governance of the region must be put on hold however, until the Persian and Russian forces can be pushed back from the area. II. Legio and IX. Legio are marching towards Trabzon and Van in order to begin the creation of a defensive line.

A week later, Kanata agreed to peace. We insisted on only one of the UTA’s claims, which Kanata agreed to with relief. The UTA might have been upset by this, but as reactionaries had taken up arms within their own lands, they were inclined to a peace that would allow them to bring their armies back south.

Elsewhere, the wars continue slowly. The occupation of Spain moves forward, with their army focusing on Catalonia while the legions carve a large foothold in Andalusia.

In west Africa, all enemy forces have been completely defeated (false reports of Italian armies notwithstanding). Only the Scottish colonies of Gambia and Senegal remain to be occupied.

In southern Africa, South Africa has occupied much of Botswana before attacking XXXV. Legio and XXXIX. Legio. The Battle of Gaborone will likely determine the immediate future of the region. Meanwhile, Adal picks on Mutapa. If South Africa can be defeated, We can push back any occupation.

Near the Caucuses, the Azerbaijan distraction has proven to be of great harm, as the entire region swarms with enemy armies. II. Legio and IX. Legio vow to protect from further incursions, however.

Israel has refused a peace until they are completely defeated. That defeat is near at hand, though. Meanwhile, the fight against Hedjaz is beginning. This fight will close a large section of the border, but will likely require the use of multiple legions for several months.

To the east of the Empire, the situation is too complex to describe quickly. But it seems that India is winning. Indeed, the Indians have so beaten Iraq that they requested an end to hostilities. We saw the opportunity to strip them of their last Indonesian island, and will send Our final terms within a few days.

Along the Bulgarian front, the Germans and Poles have thrown all their forces in the region against XXIV. Legio, which is holding firm. IV. Legio is preparing to break camp to aid them in this battle.

In Panonnia, Aquitaine is now making their assault against the legions defending the region. Like Italy, they have some kind of defense against gas attacks, so this will be a hard-fought battle. Worse, they somehow found a hole in the defensive line and slipped a force into Karlovac. XXVIII. Legio and XXIX. Legio are moving to beat them back and plug the hole.

Finally, these newspapers were published this month and are considered significant by the archivists.

Senate Responses

Raphael silently hides a turban underneath his seat.

I must say that even as we struggle on land, at least we have a capable navy. Have any of you seen the Imperial Navy’s flagship. Such a beauty.

While it displeases me to hear that the Italian rebel scum will hold on to my home for a further five years, I understand that the fate of the empire is at stake and we must all make sacrifices.

- Senator Raphael Favero

“I do believe that one of my nephews was involved in that silly business with the Imperial flagship. Sisters, eh?” mentioned Alexios Angelos

He looks over the news from Italy in disappointment. “So, Lombardi has grabbed a peace deal whilst he can and the Latin Rite reigns in the Eternal City once? Despicable! I move that Strategos Trikoupis be tasked with the reconquest of Italy when the time comes.”

Good, good. Our struggles have not been in vain, we shall emerge victorious!
- Senator Talbot Palaiologos

“Theory of relativity, eh? Interesting…” said Theodora. “And it’s great that Sherlock is back, I was getting worried of the riots that his death would cause! The English really need to get their act together. First their black crewmen go on strike and then this, young nobles getting unauthorized clearanace to the Royal Navy! We should really make sure that the same does not happen to our own fleet! Maybe some nobles will try to infiltrate the Senate as well! Who knows, maybe they’re already here!”

(Theodora motioned to her security personnel to begin checking the room for intruders)

Late December 1910

Aeteorea was enjoying the beginning of summer with bright sunny days, making it an ideal vacation spot for Europeans wanting to escape winter. Unfortunately, no one was enjoying the sun except those vocal in the support of Tane and those who say and do nothing. Ghettos filled with Europeans and camps filled with Euro-Aeteoreans and dissenting Maori were located everywhere. While the ghettos were unsavory, the camps were, for the most part, standard forced labor camps. However, a select few were even worse than the ghettos - run by megalomanic men, promised everything and more by their dictator. These camps, localized in the region of Central Otago, were the only camps that could be considered truely fascistic. One of these camps was run by Tipene.


17 January 1911

Nestorius looked worried over the news regarding the Pannonian, Bulgarian and Caucasus fronts. He attempted to look through the newspapers for something that would interest him. He found the article regarding the invention of the zipper very confusing. “Why does this article have the headline ‘Smokers rejoice!’ if it is discussing a device that binds the edges of an opening together?” he asked aloud.

“Must be another error,” Hairini quipped.

Nestorius was reading a book about the Severan dynasty that ruled the Empire back in the late 2nd/early 3rd century. He motioned Hairini to come over and look at something in the book. She approached and saw him pointing at a section of text discussing the Constitutio Antoniniana. She was surprised by the information.

Senators, as always, thank you for your time.

17 February 1911


On 23 January, Iraq agreed to Our demands.

But this good news was countered by the dire news from the Pannonian front. The legions, already weakened from their previous fights, were being severely battered by the Aquitaine forces and their poison gas attacks. We saw no other option to but to agree to the status quo and form a peace.

Of course, the legions were immediately attacked in the same location by a Polish army. But by the 10th of February, they had completely defeated that army the same way they had beaten the German one.

Fortunately On 5 February, the battle of Tulcea was decisively won, clearing the Bulgarian front. IV. Legio and XXIV. Legio immediately marched to free Moldavia from German control. But when they spotted a Polish army in the area, they immediately returned to their former defensive line.

We were not surprised to learn that during these perilous times, contact had been lost with the latest expedition to the South Pole. Nevertheless, We furnished a third expedition, if only to point to it as an example of the Imperial Spirit.

In other news, the humanities department at the University of Constantinople has announced a new major: political science. Students will learn the theory and practice of political systems.

And the school of business has become a proponent of what they are calling “human resource development”. It seems to be common kindness dressed up in a way to appeal to businessmen who only see their workers as a resource to be exploited. As strange as that approach is, We are pleased by anything that causes Our workers to be better treated.

In western Europe, Burgundy has made peace with both France and Aquitaine.

There were no newspapers considered worthy of the archives this month.

Senate Responses

“This is terrible news. All those nations not seen for many centuries have returned to bedevil Europe, sneering at the Pax Romana. Disgusting!”

Bah, our Empire is so weaken and rotten from within, that two nations now have declared independence. We must move quickly to destroy them and purge the impure elements. We are the Roman Empire without Rome!

-Senator Talbot Palaiologos

As always, Senators, thank you for your time.

17 March 1911


On February 22, the Germans again struck the Pannonian line at its weakened point in Fiume. Again, the legions smashed the attacking army.

While this battle raged, IX. Legio defeated a German army that had tried to slip around the front in the east.

And in Bulgaria, IV. Legio and XXIV. Legio moved to defeat the Poles while not giving them the opportunity to slip past the front. The battle of Bacau proved most effective at blunting Polish power.

XXXV. Legio and XXXIX. Legio won their battle against the South African army, ensuring Our eventual victory in the region. Though it will take the occupation of the region before South Africa will admit this, We fear.

Fortunately, Israel finally admitted they were defeated and were reabsorbed into the Empire. Our initial assessment shows no crimes against the populace, and so only the leaders of the revolt will be punished. Our former administration, mediated through local synagogues instead of local churches, largely remained intact, and so needs not be replaced.

Slowly, the war moves in our favor.

Senate Responses

The successes against these aggressors who would take advantage of our weakened state is welcome news. Soon we will push back the Germans, Russians, Poles, and many others and they will come to regret trifling with the Roman Empire.

It is also good to hear that the Holy Land is secure once more. Hopefully this means troops can be moved to more contested areas.

Also, does anyone want any toast? I made extra.

- Senator Raphael Favero

“Oh, sure!” Theodora said. “Anybody want tea to go with their toast?”

((Private - Last month))

Theodora stepped through the corpse-strewn halls of the governor’s palace in Jerusalem her father had administered Israel from. Her father’s sword lay in her hands, drawn and bloodied. Any rebel scum who dared to oppose her was quickly cut down. But no matter how many rooms she searched, she could not find her brother.

An Imperial soldier ran up to her. “Minister Doukas, we have secured the entire complex,” he said, “We have found no trace of your brother.”

“Then tell Dalassenos to put the whole city on lockdown and put all legions in the province on high alert,” she replied, “The rebel scum will not escape my wrath for long.”

Sure! I have buddah if anyone wants some with their toast.
- Senator Marco

5th of March 1911; excerpt from Hairini’s journal

“Things were quite calm, for the most part. One of the most worrying things, however, was how Lykidis has been acting around Nestor. In a conversation I overheard, I found out that Lykidis was, in fact, the descendant of a former Serbian ruling family. ‘Vukanović’, I believe. He planned on convincing Nestor of letting his son be Nestor’s senatorial successor, so that his family may once more rule over land lost as governors. A couple of hours later, he attempted to do just that, but Nestor stopped him dead in his tracks. He told him he didn’t want to hear anything about this until he was close to forced retirement.

Michail was furious and ranted about how his family deserved it. Heraklides jumped in, pointing out how Lykidis’ family is descended from his, the ‘Vojislavljević’ family, and argued that they held that claim instead. Epimonopoulos mentioned how his family, the ‘Nemanjić’ family, derives from the main branch of the ‘Vukanović’, and that they held the claim instead. Alexidas pointed out his family, the ‘Branković’ family, descends from Epimonopoulos’ family via female line through marriage. And out of nowhere, Antecheirinidis jumped in and argued that none of them hold any true claim via family, unlike his family, the ‘Trpimirović’ family, who held more land in Dalmatia, which they all apparently want to govern. At this point, many of my fellow peers, such as Kojo Onobanjo, Sudarto Wanggai, Botros Damji and Dhaaniel Kurien, jumped in and told them no one cared. Nestor, frustrated by his friends all trying to claim themselves as worthy of the Dalmatian governorship, thanked his subordinates profusely for stopping the madness.

For the rest of the day, everyone was quiet. The former friends were all glaring at one another. According to Kojo, Lykidis has told him in the time they’ve worked together that there are many Hellenized families in the Roman Empire, especially of regained lands. Their families had been at each other’s throats for decades now, as well at the throats of the other formerly non-Greek families. When I asked him on his thoughts on the matter, he just told me he didn’t care and that Nestor should adopt a child, just so Michail would stop ranting to him about this. That night, I heard ruffling from Nestor’s room. I quietly moved to the room’s door and slowly opened it to find Nestor having trouble sleeping.

I sat down and talked with him; he was frustrated over the fact that his friends were chasing after his senatorial position. While Antiochos and Nicolaos apologized, he still couldn’t believe such old friends would do something like that to him. I myself was a bit frustrated as well, though that was mostly because of lack of sleep. In a moment of mutual frustration, I leaped onto Nestor. That night, both our frustrations disappeared.”


17 March 1911

Nestorius and Hairini were glad to hear the news of Israel’s fall and of how the war was going. Hearing the offer for toast and tea, Hairini chimed in. “Two pieces of toast and cups of tea for us, please!” she asked politely.

17 April 1911


On 19 March, Germany again attacked the force in Fiume. As always, they were defeated.

The legions took advantage of the temporary German weakness in the region to push the defensive line forward. By moving from Fiume to Pola and Karlovac to Postjana, the line would remain the same length, yet protect half of Istria. And then a short campaign up the coast might prepare the way to move the entire front to the eastern edge of the Alps.

On the eastern front, the legions continued to prove their superiority to the German and Russian forces.

In more governmental matters, the Imperial Bank has introduced another means of controlling the monetary system within the Empire.

Along other fronts:

In Moldavia, the legions are slowly reclaiming the region and placing it back under the civilian government’s control.

In west Africa, the entire region has been placed under the control of either Sokoto or the Empire. Its permanent disposition will be determined in time.

In south Africa, XXXV. Legio is working to reclaim Imperial lands, while XXXIX. Legio chases the South African army region to region, whittling its numbers and not giving it a chance to rest or recover.

And in Guyana, English forces are doing their best to take control of the region.

Good, good, we are finally achieving victory! May I ask the Emperor about my appointment as a general to an army?

- Senator Talbot Palaiologos

It seems that Africa has calmed down and we are turning aside the forces of Germany and Russia. The momentum shifts in our favour. Soon we will push these aggressors back and crush the rebel states that defy us.

- Senator Raphael Favero

Nestorius and Hairini looked quite happy after hearing the news. “Hopefully we will be able to push back the English from Guyana,” the former stated.

Senator Palaiologos, We will certainly appoint you as a general. And We think We will have the perfect opportunity for you to command within the month.