Summoning the Senate


Your presence is requested for a State of the Empire Address on 18 February, 1846.

Any requests for information should be sent in advance to the Blachernae palace.

The following newspapers were considered significant by the archivists.

As well, the Senate’s world map is being updated even now.

Messages to Blachernae

Russia’s aggression knows no bounds. It is obvious at this time that war with them is inevitable. We cannot let these barbarians threaten Europe for much longer.

- Michelangelo Favero

I concurr with Senator Favero. Russia is continuing is unprovoked aggression against Pax Romana and her interests, that is why I would fully support War between us and Russia. The sooner the better.

- Potitus Caristanius Gallio

The state of the Empire


Based on your recommendations, We formed an alliance with Poland immediately after the last address.

Scandinavia was disinclined to sign an alliance, as they had already signed one with Germany. This proved ill for them when Russia declared war on them for the Kola peninsula.

As well, We set to publish anonymous papers demonstrating that the Spice Islands would be better under Imperial control than under Iraqi control. These papers were traced to Blachernae within a few months, mildly damaging Our reputation.

As research into different forms of ideological thought became firmly established, We sought to make up for the lack of admirals by having the Admiralty develop a set of naval plans for various scenarios.

In October of 1843, UTA declared war on new England and requested our aid. Mexihco, who now sought to be called ‘The Empire of Mexico’ had come to New England’s aid. We accepted the call from our allies.

It was at this time that our propaganda had swayed the world enough for Us to declare war on Iraq. Not wishing to miss the opportunity, We did so, claiming Dili for the Empire. Khiva came to their defense.

The Iraqi war opened with Iraq’s 2nd Army assaulting the border province of Hakkari. I. Legio frightened them back over the border, then chased them to Arbil and Kirkuk, completely destroying them. They then chased down and defeated another Iraqi force who had fled as far as Homs, and then defeated any remaining forces that had crossed the border before besieging the Iraqi homeland, driving for the Persian Gulf.

In the north, II. Legio defeated a Khivan force assaulting Stavropol, proving to themselves that they could defend the border there. They then marched on Khiva itself.

In the east, XI. Legio captured island after island, fighting a few small battles on the way.

This was far more than was needed for the eventual peace, but it provided good training for the legions and weakened Iraq.

In Hungary, reactionary rebels were able to impose their will on the nation.

During this war, We waited for the fleets to organize themselves before intervening in the UTA’s war. This was unwise, as Mexihco used the opportunity to begin a mass invasion. When XV. Legio arrived in Texas, they were defeated at Dallas and forced to retreat to Houston. This defeat was startling, as on paper the legion should have been able to smash the Mexican forces. It was surely the abilities of the Mexican general that turned the tide. Once XV. Legio recovered, they began assisting American lands under Mexican occupation, avoiding the Mexican armies.

Meanwhile, VI. Legio was transported to New England, where they completely destroyed the New English army that had been causing the American 1st Army to hesitate. They then boarded their transports and sailed for the gulf coast. The UTA would be left to recapture their lands and occupy New England.

IX. Legio was more bold, and had set sail for Veracruz, intending to march on Mexico City. And once VI. Legio landed in Houston, both they and XV. Legio marched north to sweep the Mexicans from American lands. Before long, XV. Legio had revenged themselves on the Mexicans, and VI. Legio proved they were to be feared.

Once Mexihco was thoroughly beaten and We were sure the UTA were unlikely to demand more for the war, we agreed to one of Mexihco’s desperate pleas for peace.

Once the naval plans were completed, We directed the bureaucracy to draft better legislation for the small businesses springing up throughout the Empire in the hopes that more resources could be extracted for the factories.

And of course, past research continued to give the Empire further developments.

While the legions returned over the Atlantic, we commissioned a new legion (XV. Legio) and prepared Our justifications for war against Russia. Before long, the justifications were ready, if the legions still needed a little time to prepare. Do you still agree that war with Russia is desirable?

Domestically, We could pass reforms in the Empire. We are strongly disinclined to allow greater political rights, but We would welcome your insight, especially as there are various movements organizing in the Empire.

Responces and Replies

Once the army is ready, we must make all haste to cripple the Russian beast before it strikes down another European nation.

I see no need for political reform when the Empire is led by Your Empress. The Empire thrives, as it is, under Your benevolent rule.

- Michelangelo Favero

Your Emperess, it is surely heresy to even suggest that we should allow other inferiors to challenge your divine right to rule. However it has always been the Empires way to improve the lot of our subjects and any trinkets we can bring to the mob binds them closer to us.

I would be of the opinion that forcing the release of a full nation would be the best course of action, assuming the war goes as we expect we can look to add our cores as a war goal later.

All hail the might of the Empire and it’s Emperess!

- Senator Γκρέυ

Closing the Session

Senators Favero and Γκρέυ, We are pleased that we are in agreement regarding both Russia and reforms. Do any other Senators have concerns or thoughts?

Very well, Senators. We thank you for your time.