Converter Series: Errors and Kinda Starting Over

I half-hoped the problems with my repository would just go away, so I took the time to tell everyone on the forums what I was up to. But apparently time does not fix all errors, so I did some research. It seems that fixing my repository would involving opening a trouble ticket on SourceForge, waiting for them to diagnose things, and then roll back my repository to a time before it broke. Which would destroy my changes.

I hadn’t done much work yet, so I just deleted it and created a new one. But then I couldn’t log in correctly. So I deleted it and made a third. With the same result. So I deleted it and switched from SVN to Mercurial. The details between them aren’t important, but there’s a bit of a blurb about them here.

That completed, I took the copy of everything on my computer and put it in the repository. But I restarted the changelog so it’s numbers would match the repository numbers (kind of, Mecurial is complex that way). Back to work!

Relevant repository links:
Initial commit
Initial Parser

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