Job 6-9

Continuing in Job:

  • Job: I can’t express how bad things are; God is against me. I wish He’d just finish me off. And friends who refuse kindness are not doing God’s will. It’s not like I’ve asked any material benefit from you. Teach me and I’ll listen, but you don’t know what you’re talking about. Life is hard and short, so I’m not going to keep silent. God, why do you make things so hard on me? I’m just a man, why should I have Your attention? And if I do sin, why do you punish so harshly, why can’t You just forgive it?
  • Bildad: Woah, stop! God is just. If your kids sinned, they got what they deserved. And you should repent, surely God will restore you. Those apart from God don’t last, but God supports the blameless.
  • Job: True, but blameless before God? We are impossibly less smart, less wise, and less powerful. I’m right, but how could I answer Him? If I tried, He’d just argue circles around me. If only there was a arbiter between God and I, then I could make my case.

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