Job 1-5

Hey, it’s the first time this chronological reading plan has jumped me around. Exciting! So, I’m moving to the book of Job.

As it starts, we learn that Job is a righteous man, and is fantastically wealthy. But God gives Satan permission to test him, and Job loses everything: his livestock, his servants, even his children. When he didn’t curse God, Satan then got permission to take his health too. Job’s wife tells him to curse God, Job tells her she’s foolish. Job’s friends come to comfort him, and he was in such shape that they didn’t recognize him at first, and they sit in shock for a week.

Now, the rest of this book is a philosophical discourse between Job and his friends. The poetic style is amazing, but it’s really easy to lose track of the points being made. So I’m going to try and summarize those. There’s an off chance I might come back and comment, but for now, I’m just planning to summarize.

  • Job:It would be better if I had died at birth than to suffer like I am doing.
  • Eliphaz: The innocent prosper, the guilty are punished. And all are guilty before God. You should seek Him. He might be disciplining you, but He’ll restore and protect you.

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