Converter Series: Time Keeps On Slippin’ Into the Future

With the converted save now starting at the point in time the former save ended, there’s an obvious problem: borders change between 1399 and 1453. Fortunately, that’s an easy update. The history file we read for each province has a list of dates, and some of those dates specify a change in ownership. Even better, the dates are in order.

So, I update the converter to read through those dates, and for each, check if it’s from before or exactly on the start date. If so, check if there’s an owner field, and if so, make that the current owner.

Also, another programmer on the forums gets everything set up, and points out I forgot to include some files I created in the repository. They exist on my system, so everything seems fine, but when he gets a copy of the repository, he can’t build the converter. So I check in the files.

Relevant repository links:
Start date taken into account for ROTW provinces
Added missing CK2World files

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