Job 17 – 20

Job: I have absolutely no hope, not even in help or wisdom from you, my friends.

Bildad: Why do you say we are unwise? Indeed, it is true, the wicked suffer.

Job: Again you accuse me! If I’ve erred, it’s MY error. And if you’re accusing me because of my circumstances, God did this to me! My friends, have mercy on me! Isn’t it enough that God opposes me? I wish my words were recorded*. I know my Redeemer lives, and will do so until the end. And I will see God myself.

Zophar: You insult me, but know this: God opposes the wicked, because of the things they do.**

*If I’m reading this right, it’s a reference to Sumerian-style clay tablets. This book is very very old.

** He makes a specific list of accusations,things they would have known Job was guilty of, but had never mentioned before. So likely not true. Also noteworthy is that this list is mostly about oppressing the poor. If I recall, oppression of the poor being among the greatest of evils will be a scriptural theme.

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