The Empire Strikes Back 81 – Megas Alexandros

While the Alexandrian Renaissance slowed in it’s inattentiveness, it was still rapid. The legions took advantage of advancements in explosives to begin retaining units of grenadiers. And the imperial cavalry mastered the art of mounted skirmishing with firearms.
 photo 81-1_zps538f16e2.png

Alexander quickly tired of peace, and made war on England while his other existing truces were valid.
 photo 81-2_zpsb98d4fb7.png

The Legions used their experiences in fighting this war to again adjust their tactics, not even waiting for the war to be over (drilling in the new square formations no doubt alleviated the tedium of sieges).
 photo 81-3_zps799f0fbe.png

After quite some time besieging various English fortresses and hunting down English armies, peace was made, England giving up lands in the Pacific Northwest and Africa, as well as freeing New England.
 photo 81-4_zps0d8800e0.png

But it was a short-lived peace, Alexander focusing again on Africa. But this time, the rulers of most of India joined in Mali’s defense.
 photo 81-5_zps5394b759.png

The difficulty of keeping the Legions supplied in Africa and India led to purposeful efforts in improving the ability to forage locally. Simultaneously, a grand prize was announced for methods of truly preserving food for long times.
 photo 81-6_zps0c3af3d6.png

Mali had built truly impressive defenses, so it took five years to bring them to heel. Most of their outlying territories were taken.
 photo 81-7_zps8beb23a9.png

Once that was done, Deccan was quick to agree to a harsh peace: they freed almost half their lands to local control. The locals given control were favorably those who were not Muslims (there still being a great fear of Muslims in the Empire, even three centuries after the Timurids had ceased to be a threat).
 photo 81-8_zps01c53a6e.png

Even as the legions marched home, Alexander declared war on Novgorod-Seversk, annoyed at the existence of minor states between Russia and Ukraine. However, Russia did not seem to see that this would be a war in their favor, and joined the defense of the little nation.
 photo 81-9_zps9e08f53f.png

Finland escaped from the war only giving up claims to territories they did not hold. Novgorod-Severesk was absorbed (and then sold to Russia). Russia gave Kola and Karelia to Scandinavia in a separate peace.
 photo 81-10_zpsfba4bda9.png

Before the war was done, Adal moved to conquer the last province held by Swahili. Ethiopia came to Swahili’s defense, and the Empire immediately supported Ethiopia.
 photo 81-11_zpsa8820349.png

During this war, the navies of the Empire insisted on a little of the support that the Legions received. A naval provision system was therefore developed.
 photo 81-12_zps06466871.png

Eventually, Novgorod was annexed (also later to be sold to Russia). Once this was done, Russia agreed to give up their claims in Eastern Europe.
 photo 81-13_zpsf42179ce.png

Before the war with Adal had ended, Alexander declared war on England, hoping to remove them from any lands but their Brazilian ones.
 photo 81-14_zpseea35bcf.png

Shortly after this one of Adal’s provinces that had been occupied by the legions defected to the Empire. Adal soon after agreed to peace, giving up any claims to lands ruled by the Empire.

The war with England dragged on for years as the legions did their best to force the strong English forces to surrender. Meanwhile, Alexander behaved true to form and declared war on Mali as soon as the former truce ended. The war with Mali was won before the war with England was (their fortress-cities in eastern Siberia holding on for years).
 photo 81-15_zpseda4c4a8.png

While waiting for Gizhiga to fall to XI. Legio, the Empire was dragged into yet more wars: a Scandinavian adventure in India, and to defend Gotland against Denmark.

In 1808, the last English fortresses fell (and their navy made a last-ditch strike near Gibraltar, again smashing the fleet protecting the Mediterranean). England was forced to give up all lands outside of South America, and gave up claims on all lands they had previously lost. They were now just a regional power.
 photo 81-16_zps7f41175b.png

When Denmark surrendered in 1810, they were forced to free Werle and Holstein, while Deccan merely gave up some claims.
 photo 81-17_zpsadfacbac.png

After only a year, Alexander again demonstrated his restlessness when he declared war on Bavaria. Peru, Baden, and Sanaa came to their defense. While IV. Legio lost the opening battle of the war, it was quite successful in harming the Bavarian ability to make war.

Baden was completely annexed (and then swiftly placed under German control). Sanaa gave up all of their lands away from their home territory and gave up claims to provinces within Arabia.
 photo 81-18_zpsb942d1a3.png

Peru gave up some claims in La Plata. Bavaria was forced to release several states.
 photo 81-19_zps0073710c.png

In June of 1815, Alexander declared war on Mali, bringing to its end the last of the slave selling states (it was annexed in September of 1818). But to Alexander’s dismay, there were still slaves being sold. While the Empire had been focused on what they thought was the source of slaves in West Africa, they were really being sold by Kongo. Alexander demanded the annexation of Kongo, and the trade was fully ended by October of 1818.

In December of 1820, Alexander finally died, seemingly of old age (though later events throw the official diagnosis into doubt). Konstantios XIII rose to the throne.
 photo 81-20_zps2e6f3003.png

He appointed as heir his brother Andronikos—later known as Andronkios the mad—thus setting into effect the events of the 19th century.


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The Empire Strikes Back 80 – Alexander Goes to War

While the Regency Council ruling for Alexander did not have the authority to start wars, they had the authority to respond to their allies. Norway had been a warmonger in Southeast Asia for several years, and finally they provoked a larger war.
 photo 80-1_zpsc8f1c7de.png

While XI. Legio moved against Khmer and Wu, the war against Sennar was won. Hopefully there would soon be peace so the Empire could be divested of those lands.
 photo 80-2_zpse96a52dd.png

The bold charges by the Imperial cavalry had proven decisive on the battlefield for some time. So they were given better armor and the horses that could carry that weight, making them that much more a shock on the battlefield.
 photo 80-3_zpsb895fec3.png

As well, a greatly skilled engineer was found in Italy. When given charge of the Imperial Corps of Engineers, he significantly improved their capabilities.
 photo 80-4_zpsbc6711d0.png

The Royal Mortars had proved the value of mobile artillery, so the Legions developed and deployed new ‘flying artillery’ cohorts that were even more mobile and destructive on the battlefield.
 photo 80-5_zps46f41937.png

Scarce had peace been made in east Asia when Russia drew the Empire into a war against Adal, Ethiopia, Bavaria, and Switzerland (although Ethiopia immediately agreed to a white peace).
 photo 80-6_zps74d0ea35.png

IV. Legio, XIX. Legio, XXII. Legio, and XXIII. Legio moved to attack in Europe.
 photo 80-7_zps7ed75e12.png

Bavaria was distracted by a war with Hungary, but once they had won it, they attacked XXII. Legio with forty thousand of their own men. When XXII. Legio repelled that attack, they had little time to recover before a second assault of forty thousand men wiped them from the map.
 photo 80-8_zpse4b1d514.png

The other nearby legions broke their sieges as soon as they received word, moving to avenge their fallen brethren. Within a few months, they had destroyed the entire Bavarian army.

The war dragged on as the legions sought to convince the besieged lands of their enemies to surrender. As they neared complete victory, Alexander came of age (naming a young cousin heir).
 photo 80-9_zpsfe9886d5.png

Alexander took a swath of Bavaria in retribution for the defeat of XXII. Legio.
 photo 80-10_zpsa561ea18.png

From Adal he took more of south Africa and forced them to give up their claims to many of the lands they had once held.
 photo 80-11_zps87e2b239.png

During this last war, Norway had again attacked a minor south-east Asian power and drawn the Empire into the war. Alexander took most of Java from Mataram for the Empire’s part in the war.
 photo 80-12_zpsf894a0b1.png

This left Alexander with a terrible reputation as a warmonger (in this, he took after his namesake). So he freed the La Plata region of South America, which had also been clamoring for more independence (and being distant, was nigh ungovernable).
 photo 80-13_zpse028d8b4.png

For the next two years, he focused on land swaps between various states, for the purpose of drawing world borders as the Empire had long desired them. While he did this, he began a propaganda campaign to change people’s interest from exploring the world (it had already been mostly explored) to pride in the locally drawn cohorts of the legions. Many cynically-inclined people saw through the propaganda, but enough money poured into supporting local causes soon restored stability in the Empire.[1]

The land swaps badly hurt Alexander’s prestige (as the court could only ever see it as selling lands), so once he had adjusted borders to his liking, he declared war on Kanem Bornu, who was defended by Mali. March of 1777 saw Kanem Bornu completely annexed. August of 1778 saw Mali give up more land.
 photo 80-14_zpsb2a1b9f8.png

Under Alexander’s administration, the Empire had entered a new renaissance of development. It seemed that new innovations in all areas of life arrived yearly[2]. And so it was that the Legions became even more drilled and disciplined.
 photo 80-15_zpsf4ed57ab.png

The legions were sent to war against Gondar, with Adal coming to their defense. It took little time for Gondar to agree to give up Geizra (they later suffered a complete economic and political breakdown, ceasing to exist as a nation).
 photo 80-16_zps7b52317d.png

Adal then gave up the last of southern Africa under their control.
 photo 80-17_zps0fc7ed51.png

Alexander was living up to his namesake.

[1] I switched Quest for the New World to Espirit de Corps.

[2] I guess the Empire can into space. I was starting to think it would be impossible, but the techs got cheaper. Who knew?