The Empire Strikes Back 51 – 1500 Update

By 1500, the Empire had reclaimed most of its territory in Britannia.
 photo 51a-1_zpsf2494cdc.png

The Western Mediterranean was fully in the Empire’s control, and Iberia was nearly fully reclaimed.
 photo 51a-2_zps95a563b8.png

Persia and Arabia were stabilized and under the Empire’s control.
 photo 51a-3_zpsb8eef185.png

The Holy Roman Empire control central Europe, plus a few far flung provinces.
 photo 51a-4_zpseefcb05e.png

It was internally chaotic, as always.
 photo 51a-5_zps2c8a402d.png

Scandinavia was a mass of petty states, with the Golden Horde still attempting to hold on to a little of it.
 photo 51a-6_zps1093ff3f.png

The Golden Horde controlled much of northeastern Europe.
 photo 51a-7_zps8171be7f.png

The Empire had begun stabilizing the steppes to the east.
 photo 51a-8_zps2121223d.png

Imperial traders had discovered much of the Indian Ocean, as well as the coast of eastern Africa.
 photo 51a-9_zpsb97f2b0a.png

Greeks dominated the Empire, though the were a few other cultures. And a few peoples still followed the Pope.
 photo 51a-10_zps94ec2790.png

Imperial traders completely controlled trade within the Empire, but had little influence outside it.
 photo 51a-11_zps62fbe310.png

Imperial diplomats did much to secure the Empire’s borders.
 photo 51a-12_zps20c233a1.png

This was the world in 1500.
 photo 51a-13_zps2f991864.png

This was that portion of the world controlled by the Empire.
 photo 51a-14_zps6f8e00d6.png