Job 24-26

Job (continuing): Why does God not have specific times of judgement? Look! There are people who steal or oppress the poor. The suffering of the poor is great as a result. And there are murderers and adultuerers who are truly dark. You say they are punished and suffer, yet for a while they prosper! With God’s blessings even! If this is wrong, prove it!

Bildad: God is great. Who could hope to be right before Him? Everything else is lowly.

Job: Well, aren’t you helpful to those who need insight? [sarcastically. He then takes three times as long as Bildad to explain how awesome God is, with far more apt language].

Job 21-23

Job: Let’s continue. I’ll speak, then you can mock me.

Why do the wicked live to an old age? See their children prosper? Celebrate? Die while still prosperous? Shun God? I’m not prosperous, so the logical conclusion is that I’m not wicked.

How often do you actually see the wicked destroyed? I know you plot to harm me: you know you never see any of that, and are trying to comfort me with empty words.

Eliphaz: It’s not because of good behavior that God is doing this to you. It’s because you oppress the poor, the widows, and the orphans. Learn from God, return to Him, and you will be restored to goodness (which is being a blessing to others).

Job: I wish I knew where God was, so I could discuss with Him. I can find Him nowhere. And I would pass any test of His: I am blameless. Nevertheless, He will do what He will with me, and for that I fear Him.