Converter Series: Stealing My Own Code (Useful Utilities) and Also Outputting Something Useful

I decided at this point to start borrowing some useful utilities. I started with a windows batch file that would build my whole project and put it in a zip file, ready for the users to enjoy. I had to edit a little to work with the new project (new names, things in slightly different places), but it was easy enough to do.

Then I added another batch file that would copy important data files during the build. The converter won’t run very well without those.

Then I added some automated test batch files. Those are clever, and there’s three that get called in order and repeatedly. But they allow me to test a whole bunch of saves at once, which is a time saver down the line. Of course, all I get at this point is a log file that tells me it’s parsing the save. But I’m setting myself up for future success.

After that, I spend some time on the forums writing up some instructions for potential volunteers. Someone’s uploaded a save for me to test with, so I put in the repository. And in the course of writing instructions for volunteers, I create the first of our data files, so I save that to the repository too.

One of the volunteers gets back with some useful analysis rather quickly. It seems you need very little to have an EU3 save that won’t crash the game. So I make the converter spit out what little we need (more on that next post). It’s still nothing terribly exciting, but we can see what we’re doing as we’re doing it.

Relevant repository links:
Automated build batch file
Copy data files on build
Automated Test and Build_and_Test batch files
Added Ostergotland save
Add initial province mapping with Iceland mapped

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