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Sharing about the last code update gets people on the forum’s excited. DasGuntLord01 (the analysis guy) maps the British Isles. Tamius23 maps CK2 cultures to EU3 cultures, which is needed, if not in the short term. DasGuntLord01 tries to map ROTW provinces, but the tool we’re using doesn’t handle that case. Dtremenak updates the tool, and DasGuntLord01 does a whole bunch more mappings (Africa, the Middle-East, and the ROTW), but has troubles with the merge process in Mercurial, so I commit the changes for him.

And see I’ve two bugs in my code already. First, I assumed all provinces have an owner field. There are lots of empty provinces in the world, so that’s a faulty assumption. Second, I only accounted for three digits in ROTW province numbers. There are almost 1900 provinces, so this leads to a crash when provinces numbers from 1000 onward overflow the buffer used to turn them from integers to strings.

The first bug takes a light amount of rework in how I pull out results from the parsed save. The second takes only a single character to fix (specifying how many digits long the numbers will be).

And with those bugs fixed, I can take advantage of the data provided by the others:

Though Europe is still less than interesting:

Relevant repository links:
Endland, Ireland, Scotland and Wales mapped
CK2 cultures mapped, except for german and italian
Gunther’s province mappings
Fix bug uncovered by ROTW mappings

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